To place an order simply send us an email with the following information:

To Order: Email Us

Your name, phone number and the quantity that you are interested in. Please see the price list for specific details for this year's guidelines.
Be sure to consider art fees and sh/h fees both outlined on the Price list.

Someone will contact you with an estimate and schedule a time to personally put your unique order together.


Art fees, shipping & handling, complete fulfillment and minium order requirements are all on the price list.
Please check out our price list before contacting us as it has the price per unit and shipping costs as well, the posted price list has our maximum discounts for this year. Canada and/or air freight is typically 50%-100% more than our posted sh/h rates. We will be happy to give those of you that live in Alaska, Hawaii or Canada a personal shipping quote.
"Platinum Order Instructions" please check out this link first if you are interested in ordering with your client's names on each CD


PLATINUM orders: If you would like to order our "Platinum" labels with your client's name on each CD, there is an additional $70 mail merge fee. We can take your list in one of three formats:
1. List form in the body of an e mail
2. List in an excel file.
3. List in a word document.
The list must be assembled the way you want the name to read on the CD following "Recorded Especially For" fill in the blank for the $70 mail merge fee (see below). If you can not get your list together in this format we have an outside source that can help you for a small service fee of $25. Our maximum is 30 characters per line including spaces.

"Recorded Especially For"...

You give us:
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
The Johnson Home
The Miller Familly
Joe's Barber Shop
The Bakers
Dr. Johnson

I recommend using "The Smith Home" as apposed to "The Smith Family." You never know who is going through a divorce or the loss of a loved one and this is also good for those that are single.

"Recorded Especially For"

You give us:
The Adams Home
The Baker Home
The Coldwell Home